Thursday, November 25, 2010

Honeymoon tour in India

India, known for its traditional wedding culture, has been the destination of several honeymoon couples. The country derived its wedding tradition from the Heavenly marriage, so it covers all charms and luxuries enjoyed by the Gods. Typically, Indian weddings are followed by a honeymoon trip to Rajastathan, Goa or Kerala. These are a few among the several wonderful places in India, where one can set out their journey of love. With their charming and romantic beauty, these places have gained a significant status in global honeymoon tourism maps as well.

Those who were lucky to spend their honeymoon in Goa are among the most blessed couples in the world. Goa, famous for its vast and clean seashore, is also a busy tourist spot with thousands of native and foreign tourists visiting every day. The sparkling seashore, lulled by the Arabian Sea, offers a lot more scope for enjoyment. Goa is famous for the local wine and a range of exotic dishes, seafood being the main dish. Not to miss is the nightlife in the prestigious Goan bars and night clubs where you can meet the real artists in Goa, most of whom are Anglo Indians, and enjoy their performance holding the hands of your beloved.

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